Auld String Theory at Burlap & Bean

March 16, 2018

‘Twas a sold out full house! Two sets on a chilly Friday in March 2018, on the Eve of St. Patrick’s. We mixed our Irish sounds with our rousing juggish hollers & made-up tunage. Here are the set lists, and some images…thanks to photographer John Shetron!

Andy Andrews on Banjo

Terry McGrath on Clarinet

Bill Russell on Guitar

Terry McGrath on Button Box

Fred Frayer on Mandolins

Bill Russell on Irish Harp

Jim Klingler on Guitar

Terry McGrath on HandPan

Heidi Frayer, Vocals

Set One

  1. Fly Eagles Fly – The Eagles flight song

  2. Morrison’s Jig (KEY-Em)

  3. Dennis Murphy/John Ryan /Bill Sullivan (KEY-D)

  4. Sonny’s Mazurkas (KEY-D-G-D)

  5. Gypsy Rover (KEY-G) Heidi

  6. I Know Where I’m Going (KEY-D) Heidi

  7. Fields of Athenry (KEY-D) LAST VERSE BILL HARP ONLY

  8. Off to California (KEY-G) BILL OCTAVE

  9. St James Infirmary (KEY-Dm) or Found Harmonium

  10. The Greyhound set (KeyD-Em-G)

  11. Britches Full of Stitches/New Market Polka (KEY-A)

  12. Oh Mona (KEY-A)

  13. Bohemia Rag (KEY-G-C)

  14. Good Luck John (KEY-Dm)

  15. Tam Lyn (KEY-Em/Am/Em)

Set Two

  1. Father Kelly (KEY-G)

  2. Green Whiskey (KEY-D)

  3. Southwind/ Fanny Poer (KEY-G) 3/3 1st Fanny T& B

  4. Wild Rover (KEY-G) Heidi

  5. Song for Ireland (KEY-D) Heidi

  6. She Beg She More (KEY-G) FRED OCTAVE

  7. Whiskey in the Jar (KEY-C) SING ALONG

  8. Ootpic Waltz (KEY-G)

  9. When I Woke Up This Morning (KEY-G)

  10. Dante’s Gift (KEY-Dm/F)

  11. Jig of Slurs Handpan (KEY-Dm/F)

  12. Johnson Boys (KEY-D)

  13. Jamie Allen (KEY-G)

  14. Planxty DisNDat (KEY-D)

  15. Planxty Irwin (KEY-D) Fred Octave

  16. Nobody’s Sweetheart (KEY-F)

  17. Waldorf Reel (KEY-G)

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